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October 2013

We have been asked a number of times by teachers to compile a list of literature that we think could be used to spark stimulating discussion of the various 'characteristics' of the Learner Profile as described in the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureat.  These characteristics are:  inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers, knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded, balanced and reflective.  

This is a list of literature which we hope will provide books which can be used to generate thought-provoking discussion of these attributes. The books chosen are not didactic nor are they therapeutic.  They are certainly not intended as a formula to suggest that students should behave in a particular way.  In many of the books chosen, there is a strong element of irony and many of them are amusing.  We hope that all the books will be enjoyable to read and will give students and teachers greater understanding of varying aspects of the 'characteristics' of the Learner Profile. We are sure the list will be of value not just to teachers of the PYP but to any teachers interested in a wide range of good literature for discussion.  After each review we have listed some of the most obvious characteristics which could be discussed with each book.  However many of the books are complex and we are sure students will suggest further characteristics which can also be found in the books.

This is not an easy list to compile but it will gradually be enlarged and improved over time and as we get more feedback from teachers and librarians.   We have given an indication of reading levels to each of the titles.  It is worth while noting that many of the picture books listed can also be used in worthwhile discussions with older students.

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                                                                                            Recommended by Kate Shepherd and Mandy Clarke


Picture Books

A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech Pictures by Harry Bliss  hardback 9780060277369 $27.00 pb 9780060007287 $11.00
An amusing story about a school where the principal is so enthusiastic about his school and the way the students love to learn that he decides to have lessons on Saturday and Sunday too.  It is Tilly who summons up the courage to tell the Principal that children must do other things as well.  This strong message is very amusingly presented through a witty text and amusing illustrations.  (6 - 9 years) KS
inquirers, risk takers, balanced

Best Friends for Frances  by Russell Hoban   illus by Lillian Hoban  hardback 9780060223274 $27.00 pb 9780064430081 $11.00
When Albert tells Frances that girls can't come along on a wander and can't play baseball with him and Harold because baseball is a no-girls' game, she uses her considerable ingenuity and efforts of persuasion to show him how friendship should work.  Hoban is a very amusing and witty writer.  (5 - 8 years) KS

Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban illus by Lillian Hoban  hardback 9780060223595 $27.00 pb 9780064430968 $11.00

This story is a classic.  Frances does not like to try anything new in her food.  She likes to stay with bread and jam but when she is given bread and jam for every meal, even she finally tires of it and wants to try a variety of foods.  Mouth watering descriptions of food from Russell Hoban add to the humour and delight of this book.   (5 - 8 years)  KS


Counting on Frank  by Rod Clement pb  9780207173226 $14.95  
This is the story of a boy who is a true enthusiast about mathematics and is always estimating, calculating and working things out.  How many Franks would fill up the bedroom?  (Frank is a dog).  Striking illustrations add to the fun.          (5 - 10 years)  KS
inquirers, communicators

Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlets by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross  pb 9781849392921 $14.95
A hilarious look at human babies or "earthlets" from the point of view of an alien teaching his class of alien children.  Truly a very different perspective that will ensure that babies will never look quite the same again.   (7 - 9 years) KS

Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell illus by Helen Oxenbury  pb 9780744536607 $16.95 Big Book 9780744547795 $44.95  
This Award winning book has overtones of Animal Farm for littlies.  The animals use their initiative and take over the running of the farm from a domineering, lazy and bossy farmer.    (6 - 13 years)   KS

Frog is Frog  by Max Velthuis   pb  9781849391177 $12.00
Frog wants to be able to fly like his friend Duck and bake wonderful cakes like his friend Pig but his attempts end in failure.  However after deep reflection, Frog realises that his friends love him for being himself, that is for being a beautiful green frog who can leap so high it is almost like flying.   (5 - 8 years)  KS

Grandfather's Journey by Allen Say   hardback 9780544050501 $24.99 Due Jan 2014 pb 9780547076805 $12.99
A beautifully illustrated picture book for older students.  Allen Say's grandfather made the journey from Japan to the United States when he was a young man and this story beautifully describes through text and illustrations the love that he and his grandson feel for both countries.  Many students will relate to the feelings of longing expressed. (8 years up)    KS

Greetings from Sandy Beach  by Bob Graham  pb 9780850915211 $16.99
Bob Graham is able to bring into a simple picture book about a family trip to the beach wonderful observations about family life, the difference between the city and the country and also some of our preconceived ideas concerning people and the way they look.   (6 – 9 years) KS

I will not ever never eat a tomato  by Lauren Child     hardback 9781846169052 $35.00 pb 9781846168864 $14.99
Charlie's little sister Lola is a fussy eater.  However Charlie works out an ingenious way of encouraging her to eat, even the foods she doesn't like.  Charlie says that these are not peas, "of course they are not, these are green drops from Greenland."  And "These are not carrots.  These are orange twiglets from Jupiter."  Lola can't resist just tasting them and finally she joins in the game and asks for the round red moonsquirter (she wouldn't eat a tomato of course but moonsquirters are her favourite.)   (5 - 8 years) KS
thinkers, communicators

Marianthe's Story: Painted Words and Spoken Memories  by Aliki  hardback 9780688156619 $27.00
Aliki returns to her own childhood for the inspiration for this exceptional book.  In Painted Words, Marianthe struggles to learn English and adapt to a culture very different from her own.   A supportive teacher encourages her to communicate through her drawings.  In Spoken Memories, Marianthe has learnt English and is able to tell the class the story of her life before the family came to the United States.   (6 - 10 years)    KS
communicators, reflective

Mr Archimedes' Bath   by Pamela Allen  pb 9780207172854 $14.99
Mr Archimedes is having a bath with various animals.  Every time they get into the bath, water splashes over the side.  Pamela Allen has great fun in getting children to think about what is happening.  (5 years up)   KS

Our Daft Dog Danny by Pamela Allen hardback 9780670073351 $24.95 pb 9780143503446 $14.95

Going to the beach with Uncle Peter and his dog Millie should be such fun for the two children but their dog Danny gets overexcited and just wants to bite and hang on to Millie’s tail. And that is no fun for anyone.  They try hot chilli sauce on Millie’s tail but that just makes Danny miserable.  At last Toby has the brilliant idea of getting a long rope which Danny can bite and tug and soon everyone joins in this new game and they all have fun again at the beach.  A very entertaining book with a lively text and exuberant illustrations showing how Toby worked out a great solution to the problem of an over excited dog.      (4 – 9 years)   KS

thinkers, caring

Rose Blanche  by Ian McEwan illustrated by Roberto Innocenti  pb 9780099439509 $18.95
This is an extremely moving portrayal of the horrors of war seen though the eyes of a young German girl who, when she discovers children in a concentration camp in the woods, secretly takes food to them.  Innocenti's illustrations portray much of the greed and desolation of war time and about the others who did not see what was happening.  For older children  9 years up.   KS
principled, caring

Rose Meets Mr Wintergarten  by Bob Graham  pb 9780744598292 $16.95
Rose is a little frightened of fierce old Mr Wintergarten but she overcomes her fears and her delightful spontaneity and the fairy cakes baked by her mother have a surprising effect on the grumpy old man.   (5 – 8 years) KS
risk takers, open-minded, principled

Sunday Chutney by Aaron Blabey hardback 9780670071791 $24.95   pb 9780143504108 $16.99

I found the strong cartoon style illustrations a little confronting at first but any reservations quickly fell away on reading this lively, engaging and exuberant story.  Sunday Chutney is always starting new schools because her family shifts frequently to different places round the world.  This has many advantages which Sunday lists, but she can’t help hating her first days at a new school even though she has developed her own idiosyncratic ways of coping with this.  I think that kids would love to give their own thoughts about Chutney’s life and her quirky views on life.      (7 – 10 years)   KS

communicators, risk takers, reflective

The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman  illustrated by Karin Littlewood  pb 9780711219915 $14.00
Hassan is miserable at school in England where everything is grey, and where he can't talk to anyone since he doesn't speak English. When he paints a picture of his far away home, he remembers the terrible time when the soldiers came.  However the next day he talks to an interpreter and paints another picture in bright colours for his mother of their happier times, in the country which used to be their home.   (6 – 8 years)  KS
communicators, caring

The Day of Ahmed's Secret  by Florence Parry Heide  illustrated by Ted Lewin pb 9780688140236 $11.00  
Ahmed is very pleased with himself as he goes about Cairo's bustling streets delivering gas bottles to his many customers who call out his name and greet him.  He is very much a part of the life of this colourful and noisy city and he is proud that he is helping earn money to support his family.   And his secret is that he has learned to write his name.  (6 – 9 years)   KS
inquirers, caring, reflective

This is Our House by Michael Rosen illus by Bob Graham pb 9781406305647 $16.95
George has decided that he is the only one who can play in the big cardboard house but the other children are determined that everyone shall play in it.  A charming and humorous picture book about sharing and cooperation.   (4 - 8 years)   KS
principled, risk-takers

The Wakame Gatherers  by Holly Thompson  illustrated by Kazumi Wilds  hardback 9781885008336 $26.00 

Nanami has two grandmothers: Baachan who lives in Japan with Nanami’s family and Gram from Maine in the US.   When Gram comes to visit her granddaughter in Japan Nanami is the translator between the two grandmothers who discover they have much in common since they both live near the sea and have a love of sea life and things to do with the sea.  They go gathering wakame, a type of seaweed which is dried and then eaten in a variety of recipes (some of these are given at the end of the book).  (6 – 10 years)   KS

inquirers, communicators, caring

Watch Out for the Chicken feet in Your Soup  by Tomie dePaola  pb 9780671667450 $11.00

Joey is a little embarrassed about his very Italian grandmother.  However when he takes his friend Eugene to meet his grandma, Eugene responds with great enthusiasm to her warmth and her wonderful food (including the chicken soup which contains chicken feet).   (5 – 8 years) KS

Open-minded, risk takers

When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest illust by P J Lynch  pb 9780763612740 $11.00
This beautifully illustrated picture book vividly describes a young girl's journey from eastern Europe when she migrates to a new life in America at the turn of the nineteenth century.  Jessie has left behind her beloved grandmother and is determined to work out a way that they can be together again.     (7 -13 years)   KS
thinkers, principled, caring

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge  by Mem Fox  illus by Julie Vivas hardback 9780916291044 $23.00 pb 9780916291266 $12.00
A young boy helps an old woman whose memory is fading to remember by gathering various objects which remind her of times in her youth.   (5 – 8 years) KS


Aquila by Andrew Norriss  pb 9780141328577 $16.95

When Geoff and Tom discover the skeleton of a Roman centurion and a UFO, it sparks an intense desire to find out more about the centurion and how the machine works.  Their teachers are dumbfounded because neither student has ever shown any interest in school work.  This book is great fun as the boys discover the wonders of flying a UFO but it is also an exploration of how we learn and what motivates us.  (9 – 14 years)   KS

inquirers, thinkers, risk takers

Boss of the Pool pb 9781862919372 $18.99
Shelley is at first reluctant but feels great satisfaction when she succeeds in teaching a mentally handicapped boy to swim. (8 - 13 years)   Also available as a play  pb 9780868193557 $17.95      KS

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson   pb 9780140366181 $16.95
This is the story of a very close friendship between Jess Aarons and a new girl at the school.  Together they develop a secret world, based on other fantasy worlds, which is hidden in the woods.  When Leslie drowns, it takes Jess a long time to accept her death and to try to give back some of the beauty and caring that she had given him.   (9 - 14 years)    KS
inquirers, thinkers, principled, caring

Christophe’s Story by Nicki Cornwell  pb 9781847802507 $12.00

Christophe is an eight year old boy from Rwanda who flees the fighting in his country to come to England as a refugee with his family.  His problems in settling in are described but the book is also about different ways of telling stories.   Christophe doesn’t want to read stories in books because his grandfather had always told him stories aloud, and had said that if stories are written down then their spirit is lost.  However Christopher tells aloud to his class the story of how he came to England and of the violence in Rwanda but decides he is happy for it to be written down word for word so that many children can hear his story.    (7 – 10 years)  KS

communicators, risktakers

Chronicles of Prydain  by Lloyd Alexander  pb  $11.00 each
This is a very entertaining fantasy series.  In the first book of the series, Taran knows only that he is an assistant pig keeper, but he meets a group of varied and wonderful friends and together they fight against the evil that is threatening the land.  Over the five books in the series, Taran gains in knowledge, ability, compassion and wisdom.   The five books in the series are The Book of Three 9780805080483, The Black Cauldron 9780805080490 , The Castle of Llyr 9780805080506, Taran Wanderer 9780805080513 and The High King 9780805080520 (9 – 14 years)   KS
risk takers, principled, balanced, reflective

Crash!  The Story of Poddy  by William Taylor  pb 9781869434854 $19.95 
The very first chapter describes a car crash in which Poddy is shocked but not injured and realises that he must get help for his injured father and brother.  However this poses great difficulties because Poddy is a 13 year old boy with Down's syndrome.  It is quite remarkable how Taylor succeeds in describing Poddy's determined struggle to conquer his fears to get help.  The dramatic effect of the story is greatly increased by alternating chapters describing the drama at the crash site and Poddy's life in a loving, caring and sometimes exasperated family.     (11 - 15 years)  KS
thinkers, principled, caring

Flour Babies   by Anne Fine  pb 9780140361476 $12.95  
An entertaining novel in which a class is given a lesson in responsibility when they have to care for their "flour babies" which are really six pound bags of flour, as if they were real babies.  The project has a surprising effect on Simon and his resulting reflections about himself and his family are at times surprising and hilarious.   (9 - 13 years)   KS

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankwiler  by E L Konigsburg  hardback 9780689853227 $27.00 pb 9780689711817 $11.00
A wonderfully fresh and inventive story of a brother and sister who run away from home to live in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and become caught up in a mystery.  (9 - 14 years)   KS
inquirers, thinkers, risk takers, knowledgeable, reflective

The Goat Who Sailed the World  pb 9780207200779 $14.99

This book has two narrators, a young twelve year old boy called Isaac Manley and a much travelled and superior Goat.  This narrative device gives us two very different perspectives on Cooks’ amazing voyage around the world from 1768 to 1771, when Australia was discovered and the ship was almost wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef.  Very entertaining.   (8 – 14 years)   KS

inquirers, risktakers, principled, caring

Hazel Green by Odo Hirsch pb 9781741144376 $15.99
Hazel Green is a spirited heroine and the Yak is an introverted boy who is a mathematical whiz and together they make a formidable team.  (8 - 12 years)     KS
inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk takers, knowledgeable, principled, caring, open-minded

Hitler's Daughter  by Jackie French   pb 9780207198014 $15.99
When Anna makes up a compelling story about Hitler's daughter, Mark finds the story disturbing and questions if children can be blamed if their parents do something evil.  Thought provoking.   (9 - 14 years)   KS

Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson  hardback 9780525467397 $27.00   pb 9780142501849 $12.00

This story has a very English eccentric extravagance giving a feeling of exhilaration to this story of a young orphan girl who at the turn of the century goes to the Amazon with her governess.  This is a place of horror to some because of the all pervasive insects, heat, fearsome Indians and steamy lushness but for others like Maia and her governess it is a place of endless wonder, of amazing creatures, plant life and people.  Maia is a most resourceful heroine who shows her ingenuity time and again.  A richly satisfying adventure story with humour and a sense of the fantastic.   (9 - 14 years)  KS

inquirers, risktakers, caring, open-minded

Just One Wish by Sally Rippin pb 9780143304463 $12.95
When Little Pumpkin arrives in Australia from Shanghai, everything is so difficult.
Her hateful cousin Betty refuses to translate correctly for her and Little Pumpkin feels very isolated. However when she meets the art teacher who is deaf they communicate very well through their drawings. She gradually understands that there are many different ways of communicating. To her surprise, she discovers there are many kind people who help and even decides she doesn’t need to use the one magic wish her grandmother gave to her. (7 - 10 years)   KS

Kensuke's Kingdom  by Michael Morpurgo  pb 9781405221740 $14.95 paperback edition with colour illustrations 9781405248563 $16.95
When Michael is washed up on an island he struggles to survive on his own.  He is about to give up when food appears.  He is not alone.   This is a wonderful story of survival and about Kensuke, an elderly Japanese man who lives on the island and has survived for many years using traditional Japanese skills and crafts.   (9 - 15 years)  KS
thinkers, caring

Moon Station by Rachel Flynn illus by Judy Watson pb 9780143304524  $12.95

Williams has to do a project on designing a moon station. Some enterprising kids outsource their projects to their parents since this is the modern way or “best practice.”  Williams has a suspicion that this might be cheating.  This is a very amusing story about the hazards of doing projects (but certainly not an example of PYP best practice.)  One of the popular Aussie Bites.  (7 – 9 years)   KS

Inquirers, thinkers, principled

Nips X1  by Ruth Starke pb 9780734401137 $15.99
This is the very entertaining story of Lan, who loves cricket, and his very determined effort in getting together a cricket team of  kids from many ethnic backgrounds.  As the novel develops, there are fascinating cross-cultural interactions between kids and adults.   (9 - 12 years)   KS
thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded

Noodle Pie by Ruth Starke  pb 9781862917637 $17.99

When Andy and his father make a trip to Vietnam to visit relatives, it is for Andy’s father his first trip back since he escaped from the country in a rusty fishing boat when he was just 15 years old.  For Andy who is 11 years old and was born in Australia, it is his first visit to Hanoi and the first time he has met any of his many relatives in Vietnam.  The book is written mainly from Andy’s point of view and at first much seems very strange to him.  Gradually as Andy comes to understands more about this family, we also understand so much more about Vietnam, its recent history and its people.  A marvellous book written with humour and insight.   (9 – 12 years)  KS

inquirers, communicators, risk-takers, caring

Number the Stars  by Lois Lowry  pb 9780007395200 $12.99
Set in the time of the second World War, this is the moving story of a young girl and her family who with thousands of other Jews in Denmark were taken secretly at night in boats across the sea to safety by the Danish people. (9 - 13 years)   KS
risk takers, principled, caring

Onion Tears  by Diana Kidd pb 9780207170287 $12.95
The moving story of a Vietnamese boat girl in Australia who gradually gains friends and confidence in her new country until she is finally able to cry real tears, not just the tears that come when she peels onions. (7 - 12 years)   KS

Pippi Longstocking  by Astrid Longstocking  hardback 9780192782403 $36.95 pb 9780192733061 $11.95
This is an example of an extraordinarily independent and eccentric young heroine who lives on her own with her horse.   Students might like to discuss her independence and risk taking in the light of other characteristics that she lacks.  Pippi is a highly entertaining character. (7 - 12 years)   KS
risk takers

Rain May and Captain Daniel by Catherine Bateson pb 9780702233371 $16.95
Daniel writes his account of his new friendship with Rain in the form of a Star Trek journal.  Rain corresponds with her mother through fridge poems.  A highly entertaining account of a strong friendship between two eleven year olds in the country.    (9 - 13 years)   KS
thinkers, communicators, caring, open-minded, reflective

Red Scarf Girl  A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution by Ji Li Jiang  hardback 9780060275853 $27.00 pb 9780064462082 $11.00
A deeply moving autobiography set during the Cultural Revolution in China.   Ji Li Jiang describes her own experiences as a twelve year old girl puzzling to understand the strange and terrifying events that befell her family at that time.  An excellent introduction to any study of the Cultural Revolution. (11 years up)   KS
risk takers, principled, reflective

Rowan of Rin  by Emily Rodda pb 9781862916357 $15.99
This series contains many of the elements of the traditional fantasy - the quest, the dragon, misty swamps and walls of spiders.  Rowan is a courageous, modest fantasy hero who grows in experience and strength of character with each new adventure.  Rowan and the Travellers pb 9781862916364 $15.99 and Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal pb 9781862916371 $16.99, Rowan and the Zebak pb 9781862916388 $15.99 and Rowan and the Bukshah pb 9781862916395 $15.99 (7 – 10 years)   KS
thinkers, risk takers, principled, caring, open-minded, reflective

Sarah, Plain and Tall  by Patricia MacLachlan    hardback 9780064402057 $24.00  pb 9780064402057 $9.00
A beautifully written story about a woman who answers an advertisement to come to be the wife of a farmer living on the prairie.  She is a wonderfully caring mother to his children but she misses the sea and the younger boy especially is fearful that she will leave.    (8 - 14 years).    KS
risk takers, principled, caring, reflective

Secrets in the Fire by Henning Mankell, translated from the Swedish by Anne Connie Stuksrud  pb 9781865081816 $17.95
This is the remarkable story of Sofia, a young girl in Mozambique who has suffered immensely.  She loses a leg in a land mine explosion and many close members of her family have been killed.  However her strength, determination and indomitable spirit are remarkable. (11 years up)  KS
risk takers, principled, caring, reflective

Sing to the Dawn  by Minfong Ho  pb  9789812610010 $15.95
This story is set in a marginal rice growing area of Thailand.  It reveals some of the frustrations, difficulties and injustices of village life by describing Dawan, a 12 year old girl who strives to continue her education at a city high school in Thailand in spite of competition from her brother and opposition from her father.  (10 years up)   KS
thinkers, pincipled

Stella by the Sea  by Ruth Starke  pb 9780143300663 $12.95
Stella is a most resourceful young girl whose parents are both very busy with their work.  She finds and rents a cubby house of her own, in the backyard of a rather lonely elderly man.  She fixes up the cubby house, decorates it and arranges to take the neighbours' dogs for walks and she is also the catalyst for a new community spirit in the neighbourhood.  This is a most engaging and amusing story.  (7 - 11 years)  KS
thinkers, risk takers, principled, open-minded, well balanced, reflective

The Mobile Phone Detective by James Moloney pb 9780143304838 $12.95
This is fun! It is mystery in which mobile phone technology is the key – not that this would normally be of much interest to me but somehow James Moloney makes this mystery adventure tale very entertaining. Renton is 13 years old and is travelling with his father in France when his father is kidnapped. Renton doesn’t speak French but he manages to send incriminating photos to the French Police showing what has happened, where he is going and where his father is being held. Mobile phones can truly do amazing things in the hands of smart kids! One of the popular Aussie Chomps. (8 – 12 years)   KS
inquirers, risk takers, knowledgeable, communicators

To the Boy in Berlin  by Elizabeth Honey and Heike Brandt  pb 9781741750041 $15.95

This is the story of an intriguing email correspondence between Henni who lives in Melbourne, Australia and Leo Schmidt in Berlin.  The emails fly backwards and forwards providing much amusement and also glimpses of the difference and similarities between their lives.  They both become involved in working on Henni’s school project which involves fascinating historical documentation about early German immigration to Australia and the treatment of Germans in Australia during the 2 World wars.   We also learn incidentally about some of the problems of immigration in Germany and Australia today.  I especially liked the humour, especially humour concerning the difficulties of translation and also some of the extraordinarily long German words that exist.  This is an excellent book for discussion on a variety of topics.   (10 – 14 years)   KS

inquirers, thinkers, communicators, principles, caring, open-minded

Where in the World  by Simon French pb 9781921272578 $16.95
A deceptively simple but beautifully constructed book about Ari, a talented young musician and how he and his mother leave Germany and settle into life in Australia.  As a young boy in Germany, Ari had an exceptionally close relationship with his grandfather who also taught him to play the violin and Ari misses him terribly.   (8 -14 years)   KS
communicators, caring, open-minded, reflective, well-balanced

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