Austral Ed is a book supplier from Australia specialising in the supply of books to overseas International Schools and Universities, especially in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We also supply schools, teachers and interested customers within Australia.

We offer a service of recommendations and advice on books, especially Australian and multicultural titles, both fiction and nonfiction, for libraries and teachers at primary and secondary level.

At the end of 2010, Austral Ed  joined forces with gleebooks, a large, very highly regarded independent  bookseller in Sydney.   By combining our resources and expertise, we are aiming to provide a much improved service which is both more  comprehensive in scope, and easier to use through the addition of a direct ordering service.    gleebooks has a secure website ordering  service at their website at

A newsletter, Book News, is produced  several times each year.  Contact us if you would like this newsletter to  be sent to you by email.   We also compile lists of recommended  books on various subjects.  These lists are being continually updated.    Both the lists and the newsletter are accessible on this website.

If you wish to order books now, send your orders to Austral Ed  by email ( or by fax, phone  or post.   We are also working on a new website which will combine  the simplicity and ease of access of the present Austral Ed website and the  automation and security of the gleebooks site.  When the websites are combined, customers will have the facility of online ordering and richer information about the books including covers and ISBNs.

Mandy Clarke,  who for many years worked in a Sydney bookshop as manager of the children’s department, has now taken over the management of Austral Ed /gleebooks. (Mandy can be contacted by email on )  Kate and Mandy enjoy working together, with Kate now working in a part-time capacity.  They find it very satisfying to be able to combine knowledge and to work towards providing an ever improving service.

                                                                  Kate Shepherd  and Mandy Clarke


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